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How To: Look Stylishly Sexy For Fall

Fall is officially here but in San Francisco we are experiencing a warmer weather called Indian summer (is it the same everywhere else? I have no idea!) we can actually still wear dresses until the end of the month without freezing our bones! Fall season doesn’t have to mean dark

The Elite Cafe + Influencers

If you’re from San Francisco you probably heard of a restaurant called The Elite Cafe. A new group of amazing people just recently took over the old one and now running the show. Last night (August 27, 2018 at 5:30PM) They invited few selected influencers to come for their food

New: Ipsy

Okay I must admit I am not one to fall for any thing that requires a fee for subscription! It is certainly not recent that I knew about IPSY, I’ve been hearing about it since it’s released. After so many thoughts and consideration I finally dived in! I signed up

The meaning behind the username

Hey everyone, today I just want to share my thoughts on Em state of mind being my user name every where (IG, Blog, Youtube). Lately i am 50/50 as to stick with it or use my real name for a more professional approach to everything social media related. I really

Stylish Backpack a Vlogger Must-Have Now!

Hey guys! so lately I’ve been looking for a backpack to which I can put all my blogging tools without looking unfashionable! I’ve been eyeing on GRAFEA for quite sometime now but i really did not know why would I want a back pack back then. So since I have to

New Happy Day

Today we went around the Golden Gate Bridge to take some photos and video clips. My sister suggested this to me the other day so we did it. I’ve been very preoccupied learning the Premier Pro for video editing lately and I can see improvements every time I will create

A quick visit to Sausalito

Sausalito is one of my favorite nearby county. From San Francisco you’ll get there by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Sometimes, I rather go there than spend my day in the city, the place is really peaceful, nice and not too crazy. I guess it gets crowded from time to

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