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How To: At-Home-Facial (clean pores)

One of the most important things in a woman’s daily routine is her skincare! We love taking good care of our skin because for us it is the window to our soul! Okay not really, but it is certainly big of a deal for us! I like to try different

Positive Changes

Hi guys, first I’d like to apologized for not being able to update regularly lately. Just got busy with connecting with other bloggers in real life. We are cooking something and it will be out soon! Also we went to LA and LV last week and came home to SF

New Happy Day

Today we went around the Golden Gate Bridge to take some photos and video clips. My sister suggested this to me the other day so we did it. I’ve been very preoccupied learning the Premier Pro for video editing lately and I can see improvements every time I will create

Stay fit by doing this one move!

Hey Guys, Since i’m just home watching relevant tips for starting and creating a YouTube channel and before I go back to learning the video editing using premier pro I would just like to share with you guys one simple exercise that can keep your core tight and strong. I

Sunglass Spot review

Hello Blog Friends. How’s your week going so far? I Hope it’s going great! I know Monday is the most hated day of the week but I have discovered some thing that will at least make my Mondays better! And that is shopping online before the weekend, so I have


Have you ever been lied to? For sure the answer is yes! Have you ever been scammed or conned? This post is just about that “Scam”. Let me start by answering my own question. No and yes! No I never fall in to a scam at least not yet! (Thanks

Pop of Fuschia


Girls Bestfriend

This post isn’t necessarily about a person but a dress! I know most girls will say shoes are their best friends or purse or accessories but for me it’s the dresses! Now before you judge me, here are some of the reasons why: 1. When you’re too lazy or out

A quick visit to Sausalito

Sausalito is one of my favorite nearby county. From San Francisco you’ll get there by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Sometimes, I rather go there than spend my day in the city, the place is really peaceful, nice and not too crazy. I guess it gets crowded from time to

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