Chasing purple unicorns

Recently, I pre-launched my small business online called Chasing Purple Unicorns. It’s a humble business offering my designs for statement shirts and more. Specially dedicated to everyone who considers themselves Unique like a unicorn.

Why Chasing Purple Unicorns? Unicorns are legendary, mythical and magical creatures. Ultimately hard to find. Rare. Unique. The Methapor, Chasing Unicorns is very true to most of us who loves to chase a unique path to live differently. I am one of you only I would like to chase purple unicorns.

I believe in self expression, that’s why I keep this in mind when making the designs for the store. Capturing everyones unique self expression and qualities. You can totally find something that fits and resonates.

Chasing Purple Unicorns launched is on 12.12.2020 with a release of new designs but the store is fully open for purchases. Please do check it out and hopefully you’ll find something that you’ll like. Here’s a special discount code for the followers of this blog: Emstateofmindblog

Thank you for your support.

Much Love