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Mixed SF (Influencers Night)

Hey Guys, I finally uploaded my first vlog in youtube. It isn’t the best video but I figured when will I ever be ready? and if I nit picked every little thing then I will not be able to share anything! So I finally jumped. Last Friday I got invited

Freedom ring!

Happy 4th of July America! I’ve been living permanently here in US for 3 years now, although I still go back to the Philippines once a year I already embraced my life here with my new family, so I guess I can celebrate it just like any other Americans do.


Have you ever been lied to? For sure the answer is yes! Have you ever been scammed or conned? This post is just about that “Scam”. Let me start by answering my own question. No and yes! No I never fall in to a scam at least not yet! (Thanks

Dua Lipa was here!

Yep you’ve read it right! Dua Lipa was here in San Francisco for her Self Titled Tour Concert held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and we (my hubz and I) are so glad we went! When I saw her concert schedule post in IG, I look up for tickets

A quick visit to Sausalito

Sausalito is one of my favorite nearby county. From San Francisco you’ll get there by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Sometimes, I rather go there than spend my day in the city, the place is really peaceful, nice and not too crazy. I guess it gets crowded from time to

JC Events & Modeling Launch

On March 24th I had the opportunity to be a part of JC Events & Modeling Grand Launch as one of the runway model for their Season 1 Boot camp Fashion show. A friend of mine Janine Castillo the Founder and Owner of JC Events & Modeling along side her

Back home in SF

Hi Ya’ll I am so sorry for not being able to update as often as i should. I was too busy while i was in the Philippines. My Father and Grand mother passed early this year then everything was just all about mourning and moving on. Now i am back

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