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Positive Changes

Hi guys, first I’d like to apologized for not being able to update regularly lately. Just got busy with connecting with other bloggers in real life. We are cooking something and it will be out soon! Also we went to LA and LV last week and came home to SF

Big Talk with Em Series

The other day, I ordered this Big talk question card game created by Kalina Silverman when I come across her youtube video it hits me on a deeper level. I thought to myself. I hate small talk! This is so relatable. I should ask this kind of questions to create

The meaning behind the username

Hey everyone, today I just want to share my thoughts on Em state of mind being my user name every where (IG, Blog, Youtube). Lately i am 50/50 as to stick with it or use my real name for a more professional approach to everything social media related. I really

The Comfort Zone

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a Non Profit event of SF GOODWILL called Summer of love party hosted and organized by Ms. Nerrissa Señores (@msnerriss) of San Jose Creatives. Ms. Nerrissa personally picked and put together outfits that reflects the 1969 era. The event was well organized. Dj

Stylish Backpack a Vlogger Must-Have Now!

Hey guys! so lately I’ve been looking for a backpack to which I can put all my blogging tools without looking unfashionable! I’ve been eyeing on GRAFEA for quite sometime now but i really did not know why would I want a back pack back then. So since I have to

New Happy Day

Today we went around the Golden Gate Bridge to take some photos and video clips. My sister suggested this to me the other day so we did it. I’ve been very preoccupied learning the Premier Pro for video editing lately and I can see improvements every time I will create

Stay fit by doing this one move!

Hey Guys, Since i’m just home watching relevant tips for starting and creating a YouTube channel and before I go back to learning the video editing using premier pro I would just like to share with you guys one simple exercise that can keep your core tight and strong. I

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