Happy Holidays

Last Night me and the Hubz went out for dinner, we love to enjoy and celebrate the simple things such as “Last day of the month ringing in the first day of December”. Yup that’s how simple we are. Silly if you will. After having love ones being sick we really never know until when … More Happy Holidays

Thank yous

Thanks giving is around the corner once again. What are your plans this year? And What are you thankful for? This year is both good and bad for me. My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and i am caught in between both worlds at the moment. Waiting for immigration notices and appoinments make … More Thank yous

Happy Halloween!

What will be your costume for this Halloween? I always think that dressing up in a costume could be so fun! Just imagining yourself as someone else for a day or looking so ridiculously different? You can actually be whoever or whatever you want to be and that itself is pretty awesome! To be honest, i … More Happy Halloween!

Ready to Fall

  One of the first few things to consider when moving in to a new country is your wardrobe. I came from a Tropical country and most of the time we wear “summer” type of clothing all year round to let our skin breathe and to not sweat our pits off. I may have some … More Ready to Fall