Exactly one month ago, I had the opportunity to experience the Sleep & Glow Pillow.

If you are not familiar with it please do read below or you can also visit their website for a more in-depth details of the Pillow;

Sleep & Glow benefits;

  • Younger-looking SkinHelps prevent and fight against sleep wrinkles. Even $250+ face creams cannot fight sleep wrinkles.
  • Puffiness ReductionHelps fight morning puffiness thanks to the height difference between the front and back bolsters.
  • Natural CareSleep&Glow turns sleep into effective skin care.
  • Deep SleepThe specially designed anatomic shape provides you with the ultimate comfort during sleep.
  • Value for MoneyThe pillow will serve you for 5 years and costs only a fraction of five years’ worth of creams (US$ 2500) and injections (US$ 7500)
  • Orthopedic EffectSleep&Glow is developed in collaboration with orthopedists to provide you with the physiologically-correct body position during sleep.
  • Advanced MaterialsMemory foam adjusts to the shape of your face, neck, and shoulders.
  • Contains Silver IonsOur pillow’s material has bacteriostatic, antiviral and antifungal effects.
  • Protection of Eyelash ExtensionsDelicately prolongs life of eyelash extensions thanks to the side face cradles and minimum contact with the pillow surface.
  • Natural FabricsSleep&Glow pillowcases come in 100% Tencel or Natural Silk. Silk doesn’t absorb moisture and creams, reduces hair breakage and tangling, has a cooling effect.
  • Quality3-year warranty.

Here’s my personal review;

I started using the pillow since it arrived last month and I have been using it every night up to this day. It came with its own special pillow case which you can only buy from them. The Pillow has the following US patent (please refer to the image below);

Now that you have an idea why this pillow is so special let’s talk about some of the benefits I’ve seen and experienced from using this pillow.

Anti Aging – This claim is legit because the pillow prevents you from developing more sleep wrinkles. Sleep wrinkles are different from age related wrinkles. For example, some age related wrinkles can be treated by injections like botox and fillers but sleep wrinkles are those that you developed from sleeping on your sides, imagine the lines from around your nose, mouth and even around your eyes although you can get it treated to lessen the appearance of it you cannot totally make the lines disappear (unless of course through a facelift) because sleep wrinkles is the result of excessive skin folding and stretching that happens night after night. Now if you already developed sleep wrinkles over the years this pillow helps keep you from developing more. I wish I’ve learned the effect of side sleeping back when I was still in my 20s, I’d treat my face better. I believed, The early you take good care of your face the less money you will have to spend to fix it. Not that you need to fix it, but let’s face it when we start to realized we are aging progressively that’s when we begin to regret our actions from our younger years which leads us to desperation. We start spending more on skincare products, facial treatments, surgeries etc. just to turn the age clock a few years back. For me, I tend to sleep more on my right side, so over the years I lose symmetry, also I noticed more deeper lines and sagging on my right side more and more now that i’m in my 30s. When I started using this pillow, I can also tell you that it helps me break that side sleeping habit because of the head cradle, and if I unawarely turn in either sides I do not need to worry because of the side face cradles. The side cradles are built to prevent your face from being stretched and squashed in. It help minimize skin twisting and folding.

Orthopedic Effect & Deep Sleep – I could honestly say my back seem to really love this pillow. It is so comfortable, I always feel so relax it never fails to make me fall asleep. Probably because my back is in proper comfortable position. I also bring the pillow with me in the car whenever we are out for a road trip.

Protection of Eyelash Extensions – Although I don’t have eyelash extensions, I can tell that this can help prolong the life of it. Simple because the side face cradles helps minimize contact to the surface of the pillow.

So far these are all I can share with you. I hope this helps. If you are interested to get this Sleep & Glow Pillow I have a code that gives you 10% discount. Just use code: EMILY10




One of the easiest but fun way to enjoy the outdoors is by doing a simple Picnic in the park. We mostly enjoy this type of activities when it’s summer but it is quite possible to enjoy it even when it’s already Fall season. In San Francisco, Fall weather means mid 60º and low 50s, when doing Picnic you just need to make sure to dress appropriately, you’ll need to wear sweaters and bring one thick coat, in short always layer up!

People like myself, isn’t a fan of bringing too much items to avoid the hassle of carrying so much especially if the car is parked far from where I want to set up. So if you are not feeling too fancy here are some basic picnic items you and your plus one can totally carry with you in just one go.

  1. A blanket. This one is pretty given when going out for a picnic, you need something to sit or lay in. plus you don’t really want to have dirt all over your clothes, you’ll probably sitting on a wet grass too.
  2. A Picnic Basket like this one It has enough room for drinks, snacks and utensils and it’s super easy to carry.
  3. I always love a decent sized Charcuterie board instead of scattering all the little snacks around, Although, You are not being fancy it is always neat and presentable to use just one plate or flat board to make a platter of all your snacks. I absolutely love this one
  4. Plastic cups or go for the real thing if you can.
  5. Paper plates and disposable cutlery. It’s really much more convenient to use.
  6. Water, Wine or whatever your hearts desire.
  7. Your favorite snacks or food.
  8. Extra sweater or blanket to keep you warm. Blanket is also a good idea just in case you plan on staying long.
  9. Optional: A tray for your drinks. or you can use a book. The idea is to have a flat surface for your drink. for me I like to bring a tray because it can accommodate more than 1 drink.

10. Your bag or a purse where you can put your mask, hand sanitizers, etc.

Do you love going for a Picnic? I hope this short blog inspire you to go for it. Let me know in the comment section below.