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Full time wife, Part time life style blogger/Vlogger. Creating is my passion. I need to do at least one creative thing a day to stay sane. I believe that self love is very important too. Take good care of yourself in all aspects first so that you can share, vibrate that same love and light to other people around you.

Dua Lipa was here!

Yep you’ve read it right! Dua Lipa was here in San Francisco for her Self Titled Tour Concert held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and we (my hubz and I) are so glad we went! When I saw her concert schedule post in IG, I look up for tickets

Classy 30

It is true when they say that when you reached your 30s the way you dress up should somehow reflect the maturity you are becoming. That’s exactly what’s been happening to me this year. I finally started ditching the wild child 20s look to something more classy and sophisticated but

Pop of Fuschia


Girls Bestfriend

This post isn’t necessarily about a person but a dress! I know most girls will say shoes are their best friends or purse or accessories but for me it’s the dresses! Now before you judge me, here are some of the reasons why: 1. When you’re too lazy or out

Love + Style

I’ve been searching for some pretty and trendy layered necklaces for quite some time now. So when I found Lovestylize on Instagram ads I checked it out and made sure it is a legit company to buy from. I know how important it is for online shoppers like myself to

A quick visit to Sausalito

Sausalito is one of my favorite nearby county. From San Francisco you’ll get there by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Sometimes, I rather go there than spend my day in the city, the place is really peaceful, nice and not too crazy. I guess it gets crowded from time to

Green Bamboo

  When I first moved in San Francisco 2 years ago I didn’t know how I will place myself in the city. Getting to know SF was my main priority so I can adjust accordingly. I am fortunate to have my husband to drive me around and make it easier

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