Lately, I’ve been spending a lot longer time than usual in AMAZON! Browsing hundreds and thousands of products! Especially these days I am looking into new clothing brands where I can buy well-fitted outfits other than Fashion Nova.

I was searching for some stuff when a recommendation popped up! I like what I saw so I clicked it, read the reviews and immediately added it to my cart! Since then there were a lot of other related items that came up and I just can’t help but give those a try!

Although these products are called “DUPES”, They are not “FAKE” just designer inspired. It didn’t have the LOGO of the designer brands and they’re not trying to claim anything more than just that being “designer-inspired” products.

I’m not encouraging anyone to buy those fake ones from Amazon because you might end up with low quality, tacky looking fake products, you’ll end up wasting money.

I bought some dupes to try and why not! I could also help out people out there to find the best quality ones. I love the luxe trendy look but I’m very practical! I created a vlog for these products that I absolutely can recommend to those who like the Boujee look on a budget! YOU’RE WELCOME!

Here are just a couple of photos showing how I styled the Gucci inspired bag that I got from the Amazon!


Here are some simple few tips on how to look boujee even when you’re on a budget or just the practical type.

  1. Mix it up! When wearing one branded/designer piece you can mix it with a few generic brand pieces.
  2. Clean shoes!
  3. Wear perfume but don’t overdo it.
  4. DRESS appropriately! Don’t get too comfortable wearing sweats and sneakers everywhere you go! No matter how expensive your lulu lemons are you’ll still look inappropriate if you try to go to a fancy/classy restaurant wearing your athleisure and that is not a class act!
  5. White White White! instantly makes one look so fresh, clean and classy.
  6. Your nails! Dirty nails is a No No
  7. Pointed stilettos
  8. Fixed your hair
  9. Keep it simple don’t try too hard to mix different things together in one look!
  10. A nice, quality well-fitted watch!




If you’re looking for a nice quality watch, look no more! I am hosting a 1st-year anniversary GIVE AWAY with JORD watches. One winner will get $100 OFF any JORD watch. All you have to do is to enter the give away by clicking this link JORD WATCH GIVE AWAY

If you want to see more of my AMAZON recommendation you can now watch my new vlog in my YOUTUBE channel HERE

Check out the BAG featured in this post HERE

11. REMEMBER: That at the end of the day, it is not about how many expensive designer pieces you own! It’s all about your attitude, your manners and how you carry and respect yourself.



p.s Follow my IG extension SHOPEMZSTYLE for all things Amazon!


  1. helen delvin says:

    I love your style! And I totally agree with white being a colour that looks expensive! I would add nude shades to a colour that always looks expensive. Keep up the great content.


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