Today me and my friend Nerrissa @MSNERRISS had such a nice and filling lunch at OKANE SF.

We’ve tried out some of the best sellers in their menu. Like the Roponggi Roll which is one of my favorite! It is basically maguro, hamachi, snow crab, salmon, avocado wrapped with cucumber! I love it because it is very healthy perfect for those who doesn’t eat rice like myself. 


We also had the WAKADORI Chicken Karaage Bento, served with rice, miso soup, spinach and hijiki seaweed salad. 


The Chef’s Oysters that looks so pretty and also yummy!


The Shimofuri Hamachi and Jalapeño Pepper served with truffle oil and special sauce, this is also so good the jalapeño just goes with the taste perfectly as it gives just the right kick. 


We also had the Shibuya roll and kampachi Nigiri, Toro and O Toro Nigiri, Iwana Nigiri and of course the edamame!

Thank you Nerrissa for taking me to this amazing foodie experience! We love a full happy belly! It was literally a “FOODGASM” day, we definitely recommend Okane SF.

OKANE is located at 669 Townsend St., San Francisco, CA 



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