This past weekend our Halo Halo Collective team went on a Retreat for the very first time. We all agreed that March is the perfect month to do it so we can focus on our Mission, Vision and of course to bond and get to know each other deeper!

We’ve picked SONOMA as our venue. We rented a house from AIRBNB for 2 nights and it was the best decision ever. The house that we all voted on was amazing! it has this homey feel in to it and the property is huge! We got our own swimming pool and Jacuzzi! Just thinking about the time I spent there, makes me wish we stayed longer!

Sonoma is known for Vineyards and cellars, we had the opportunity to do wine tasting that rainy Friday so we went to Cline and Jacuzzi cellars despite the bad weather and then at night time we drove to Petaluma for dinner at The Shuckery Oyster Bar and Restaurant. We had a lot of fun.


On Saturday, Cat our Love & Empowerment Coach came to join us. She created a program for our team building activity which helps us know more about ourselves and our dynamic as a team! We did the SWOT method for all our past events then we discovered and strengthened our Values, Mission and our Vision! There were tears, laughter and warm hugs too! After the individual and team activities, we sat down and shared a table full of home cooked food and lots of bottle of wines while talking about each and everyones love life. Cat is really awesome she knew just what kind of topic to talk about to really feel closer to each other!

One of my favorite part of the retreat was the Jacuzzi that night. I never really experienced going to a retreat before! and it was also my first time to get away with just Girl friends! so it’s really a memorable one for me.

Now that we definitely got to know each other more and gained appreciation of each others differences, I cannot wait to apply all the things that we established from our retreat. I know from the very beginning that we all crossed each others path for a good reason and positively to serve a greater purpose in our community.

Shout out to CAT CRUZ BIOC for sharing her light and love to all of us! We are truly grateful. 🙂

Thank you for reading.




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