You’re only as old as you look!

Are you scared of Aging? losing that youthful glow is one of the saddest thought that comes in to mind when we think about Aging. Although, it is a natural occurrences in ones life with advance science and technology we can now prevent the clock from making us look old, it is now possible to look younger longer to say the least!

I am approaching my mid 30s. Yaiks (where did time go?) and most of the people in their 20s might think or see us (women in our 30s) “OLD” they are somewhat right but they are also very wrong! Most especially now in this generation, I say 30s is the new 20s! That’s not because I am being bias but that’s only because I can feel and see it! If you’ll ask me do I feel any difference now that I’m in my 30s? I will honestly say NO! I still do things I do In my 20s, I still like the same fun things I like in my 20s, heck, even being married didn’t stop me from being and doing all the things I enjoy in life. So to look old is not really in my book! I could be 40 or 50 for as long as I don’t look like the numbers then I am alright. I guess its true when they say you’re only as old as you look and feel.

There are now many ways to prevent aging, from supplements, diets, exercises to medical office services we can definitely use all of this resources to keep our youthful glow inside and out! I remember when I was in my 20s I never once step in to any medical spa clinic to get facials and etc. only 2 years ago I realized I need to step up the skin care game. When I moved from the Philippines to San Francisco my skin started to act up! It took me 3 years before I even found what works for me and what doesn’t! Last month when I was back in Manila, I stepped up my game and started to visit my dermatologist regularly for 3 months. I had revlite laser services, Diamond peels, Facials and even started to use OBAGI products as my core skin care (Thank you doc).

The ZO skin care products really works for my skin blemishes and break outs but it tends to dry up my skin so adding a reliable moisturizer is a good idea! I am currently using Yeouth Day/Night Cream and I like how well it moisturizes my skin!


Yeouth Day/Night Cream Use code: SOCIAL20

One more thing I added in to my night time routine is the NEWA by EndyMed! “It is an over the counter home use device intended for non invasive treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles for adult women who have Fitzpatrick Skin Type I-IV”. in short it is a Radio Frequency (RF) device that you can use safely at home and it is not any other RF device you see out in the market! This one is (F-not swearing) so effective! I have only been using this for a week and my skin looks more plump, lifted and my problematic pores looks tighter and smaller! plus I noticed that my mild Marionette lines are getting less noticeable (Now my only problem is me changing my mind about getting fillers for my mild marionette lines). You can instantly see the effect each and after every use! I am definitely IMPRESSED and it is one of the best investment I ever bought for an at home skin care device! Try it for yourself here’s my Affiliated link: NEWA BEAUTY


DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid post! I purchased my own NEWA with my own money.




Product featured:

Newa Device

DISCLAIMER: “As an Amazon associate  I earn from qualifying purchases”.




2 Replies to “You’re only as old as you look!”

  1. Jess says:

    Love this post! And really looking forward to seeing your results after 4 weeks!


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