Bae Bay!

Hi friends,

I know it’s been quite a while. I was away for 3 months living life back in the Motherland. I know some of you or none of you are wondering where was I! so let’s catch up shall we?

While I was in the Philippines I mostly spent my days either with my Fam and friends doing all the things I’ve miss, like Karaoke in our house, eating home cook filipino food, drinking and going out with my friends, going to all the malls shopping my heart out and can we just talk about all the pampering? like going to the nail salon every 2 weeks, getting home service massages every other day, getting facials and laser treatments and all that cool stuff! We also visit the New Boracay. Travel to Hong Kong and Singapore and lastly, attended the festivities, events and explored new opportunities.

My 3 month long lavish vacation back home is over! I’m back in the bay, back to the cold weather of SF and the daily routine. I tried to post blogs while I was away but unfortunately the wifi/data in the Philippines still needs improvements and my head was and is still in a tangled mess due to all the businesses and now jet lag! Well, i’m back so expect more blog post from me! 🙂

Expect feature posts from PR packages that i personally picked to promote and share (I only accept collabs/prs/partnerships that I strongly believed in). I am also getting back in to fitness, I am going to document my fitness and health journey starting next week. Of course some fashion/style posts.

I hope you stick around and continue to support this complicated-uncomplicated blog of emstateofmind. 🙂

love y’all


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