How To: At-Home-Facial (clean pores)

One of the most important things in a woman’s daily routine is her skincare! We love taking good care of our skin because for us it is the window to our soul! Okay not really, but it is certainly big of a deal for us!

I like to try different products especially when I’ve been using certain products for long enough why? because our skin just like every thing else tend to get used to the same one that is why some products that we used to love eventually becomes less effective hence we reached a plateau. So I make sure to switch up every time I hit the “P”.

Recently, I ordered a Facial steamer from Amazon. I figured since I can’t really go to the derma like on a reg! I feel like I need to do something that will at least help me clean and clear out my pores. So when my facial steamer came in I immediately try it and give myself a facial at home!

Here are the steps for giving yourself a relaxing at-home-facial:

  1. Wash and clean your skin! Use any facial wash that you have. I am using Cetaphil.
  2. Exfoliate (physical exfoliation) any facial scrub that you prefer. Some people use natural fruits like strawberry and banana). I am using Philosophy Micro delivery exfoliating scrub.
  3. Steam your face for a good 10 minutes using the Facial steamer or a bowl of hot water that has a steam where you can safely place your face directly in to it.
  4. After 10 minutes, Use your blemish tool like what they use in Facial spa! The steamer I bought from amazon comes with a kit! YAY!
  5. Extraction. Extract blemishes gently! If you have a pimple that isn’t ready to come out don’t force it! just try your best to clean out your pores without harming it.
  6. Once you’ve cleared out your pores of gunk! (you know those eekky white stuff that comes out! gross! lol) wipe your skin with a facial toner using a cotton round.
  7. Optional: but I prefer to use a face mask so I can take advantage of the pores being open and ready to take in the good kind of skin products. I either use a regular oil absorbing clay mask or I use Drunk Elephants TLC Sukari Baby Facial like when I need extra exfoliation, I then leave it on for 15-20 min.
  8. Then I go ahead and wiped it down with a make up remover because I don’t want to get my skin wet with water (just something I observed when getting facials at a derma spa). Just make sure to wipe it clean!
  9. Now its time to use all the serums that you have! I use the Yeouth Skincare Vitamin C & E hyaluronic acid serum! This serum helps tighten pores, even out skin tone and plump the skin! After using this serum i use another one from La Roche-posay called the Effaclar Serum!
  10. Moisturized! Moisturize your skin because you just basically stripped it down! Im using either the Tatcha Water Cream or the Drunk Elephant Marula Oil depends on how much moisture I feel my skin needs!
  11. Don’t forget your eye serum/cream! I listened to other people (some are Youtube dermatologist lol) about how eye creams are such a waste of money because it is just a scam, it is basically just the same as a moisturizer they say! So I listened and I stopped using it for like a couple of months and recently saw how my under eyes looks terrible with double eye bags! It has been neglected of care it needed! I just cried! now I want to get those injections (dermal fillers) just to get rid of this tear trough! lol
  12. Optional: After 5 minutes when everything sink in to my skin I apply Differin! because I have closed comedones. The Differin prevent me from having a break out! It effectively controls it.
  13. Optional: Face Massager, for me I use the Jenu Infuser. They only sell it now from Amazon! Jenu used to have their own website (I am glad I was able to buy one before they completely run out of business). You can use any facial massager that you have or you can definitely use your own fingers to give your self a facial massage ( I know what you’re thinking! not that kind of massage)!
  14. Your lips! don’t forget your lips! use a lip balm to moisturize your pout. I am using rosebud woman called “Honor” (its not really made for lips but go figure).
  15. Optional: Eye lash serum! can’t live without it! I am using Rodan + Fields lash serum.

So there you go! I hope this helps you put together your own At Home facial! it is certainly helping my skin! I have been doing this routine for only 2 weeks but I see significant improvement with how much my over all skin looks and feel. My pores feels tighter and minimized, My skin is not as oily anymore, my dryness around my under eyes, mouth and nose are also gone, my skin feels plump and even tone!

Okay I have make up on but it never look this good before! 😛


Here’s the link for the Facial Steamer

and if you want to try the Amazing serum I am currently using Yeouth Skincare

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Link to Product: Facial Steamer

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