How To: Look Stylishly Sexy For Fall

Fall is officially here but in San Francisco we are experiencing a warmer weather called Indian summer (is it the same everywhere else? I have no idea!) we can actually still wear dresses until the end of the month without freezing our bones!

Fall season doesn’t have to mean dark and boring! If you are like me who’s style always include and exude “sexy” and “stylish” then read on.

To look stylishly sexy for Fall here are some pieces that you need to incorporate with your outfit:

  1. Over the knee boots! This is the no. 1 must wear for fall if you want to instantly look sexy despite of being covered up with layers!

Tips: Go for thigh high boots if you want to wear short shorts! like what i’m wearing here:


2. Off shoulders! it is not a sin to wear them for fall! Whether you are wearing an oversized one or not it is a simplest way to show off those sexy collarbones, neck and shoulders!

3. Fur vest & jackets (faux). There’s always something about those furs that makes people want to touch you! Hah! It looks chic, stylish and or a bad bisshh depending on how you style it!



4. Pointed Boots/Booties. Pointy shoes are sexy and it adds illusion for a longer looking legs! especially if you are on a petite side like I am. Opt in wearing pointed shoes if you want to look sexy but classy.

5. Never wear two baggy pieces together! Unless of course you want to look comfortable rather than looking stylishly sexy then feel free to wear loose clothings from head to toe. Always make sure to wear one body tight fitting piece to balance out your outfit.

Tip: if you are wearing a square pants for example, you can wear a tight top with it or vise versa. Here’s me as an example:



Lastly, Sometimes less is more. Do not accessorize too much! Accessorizing too much might turn you to a “cutie” rather than a “hottie” (again, unless that’s what your preference is).

These are just few helpful tips! I’ll leave it open for you guys to comment down below your Tips on how to stylishly look sexy for Fall.

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