The Wine Hook!

Raise your hand if you’re a wine lover?! 🙋🏻‍♀️

I cant really count how many bottles of wine I already consumed my whole life but wine is my favorite out of all alcoholic beverages! Not only because of the buzz you’ll get out of it but also all the good benefits you can get!

Did you know that drinking at least one glass of wine everyday keeps your heart healthy? It is a source of reserveratrol! Which is good for the heart and aging! Google it!

If you love wine and you are a wine connoisseur you know that a cheap wine doesnt necessarily mean a bad wine! Believe me I drank the cheapest and the most expensive wines out out there!

I love bringing wine everywhere I go! I always have a wine glass or two in my cars trunk just in case my day calls for it! But sometimes it’s hard to put your wine down in a stable flat surface, also when you are sharing a bench with other people outdoors!

So when I found out about the The Wine Hook I didn’t hesistate to get one! I figured this is going to be so useful for when I need to isolate my glass of wine out of a crowded table, a tight space and most especially when you are enjoying outdoors where there isn’t a stable surface to put your glass of wine down!

i tested the wine hook today! To see how it will hold my wine! It was also a good timing as it is a Sunday and on Sundays we all chill! That calls for a nice relaxing view (for me it’s the sunset) in front of the beautiful yacht parked in front me!


With the wind like here in SF it could take your glass down! But with my wine hook my glass of wine is secured and safe!

I highly recommend this for everyone who love the outdoors and of course wine!

Because of this, I partnered with The wine hook   For a give away on my Instagram!

Stay tune to my IG: @emstateofmind for announcement.





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