Where To Go For Your Wedding Essentials

Are you from San Francisco looking for your dream Wedding Dress? or just looking for that beautiful gown for a special occasion? Look no more because Classic White Bridal Studio got you!

Last August 28, 2018 at 3pm I had the opportunity for a collaboration with them (I was the +1 of another blogger friend). I was so excited and couldn’t pass up the opportunity so even when I was really crunched with time that day I still went with her and did a quick shoot wearing one of their beautiful dresses. By the way I am married so it wasn’t my first time to wear a wedding gown. I believe we can all agreed that most women will not pass up the opportunity to try on beautiful dresses and be photographed with a professional photographer for free! 🙂

When I arrived at the studio I was immediately drawn on to the dreamy set up and the dresses hanging beautifully on both sides and as you walk through the studio you’ll see the space for Hair and Make up.

The Owners are professional with 10+ years of experience and the whole team are really good at what they are doing. I wasn’t able to get my make up done with them cos I already did my make up. I only have 1 hour to spare for the event but they styled my hair and without saying any thing they styled it just the way I would fix it for this kind of occasion (that’s extra points).




After they styled my hair I went in to the fitting room. I was supposed to wear a sensual sexy wedding dress which i really love but it didn’t fit so they gave me another one it didn’t fit as well but the Pins did the job, of course they could pick a dress that will fit perfectly but because I was in a rush (and I told them so too) they accommodated and considered my time which I appreciate so much (plus extra extra points).


This dress is simple, classic and so romantic! It’s perfect for those who are looking for a classic a little more conservative type of dress. You can definitely wear this on different occasion too. There are so much more choices in Classic White Bridal Studio, you just have to go and really spend time to find the perfect one for you. Did I mention they are reasonably priced too? and if you’re on a tight budget you can also just rent it! nice right?

I wish get to spend more time in there and try on different dresses. in 2 years I will get marry again ( same husband okay, he promised! lol ) and I will definitely go back to Classic White Bridal Studio to find my real dream wedding gown!

Classic White Bridal Studio is located at:

2958 89th st. Daly City CA 94015

Phone: +415-347-6084


All Photo credit goes to the Amazing beautiful Photographer Malaya Lewandowski find her here Malaya Images

Find them in IG:



Thank you for being here.



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