The Elite Cafe + Influencers

If you’re from San Francisco you probably heard of a restaurant called The Elite Cafe. A new group of amazing people just recently took over the old one and now running the show.

Last night (August 27, 2018 at 5:30PM) They invited few selected influencers to come for their food tastings and drinks from their new menu ( don’t worry the Southern chicken and biscuits are still in the game!)

I went to the event with my CO-founders of The Halo Halo Collective. We started with some cocktails and we took so much photos of the food until we actually get hungry!




I really really love everything! not just because I was hungry but because it was all really good! I enjoyed the appetizer fried okra so much and the Bloody Mary is as spicy as I wanted it to be! mmmmmm!

My friends and I had such a great time chatting up over good food and drinks! The Elite cafe is also the perfect spot for brunch, outdoor seating and for groups! they also have a booth inside if you need more privacy.


From their YELP page “The Elite Cafe serves exquisite food with flavors of New Orleans. Our current menu continues this tradition with an emphasis on seasonality, the freshest local ingredients, and a lighter touch in our preparation. Original Mahogany booths, beautiful full bar, and unsurpassed people watching on the upper Fillmore earn us our name. We now offer heated outdoor seating for brunch, cocktails, and dinner.”

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