My First Tattoo!

Do you gift yourself when it is your birthday? Cos I do! It’s called self love! I believe in “Before you can take good care of others you have to start with yourself” and always “Choose YOU first” and nope it is never selfish! Not being conceited or narcissistic it is simply being smart! How can you take care of other people if you don’t even know how to take care of yourself? Or if you do take good care of others do you think it’s healthy to take yourself for granted? Because I don’t think it’s good for anyone. You might be enjoying it right now being totally selfless but in the long run you will resent yourself. You will have regrets. Remember: Our time here is limited and the purpose of our living is actually to learn “Self love”. Look that up!

After my Birthday I was sick for a day and so. I got fever and chills and sore throat but it didn’t last longer than a day so I supposed it’s nothing serious and Thanks God that my body recover well and fast because I didn’t want to miss my very first Birthday Tattoo (see the Segway?) lol

Yup! I finally caved in and had my Brows tattooed! It’s called Microblading. I have been wanting and waiting to do this but I never seem to come to a decision whether I want it or not. Because of some mixed feedbacks I have to put in to consideration the following:

1. Is it painful? (as always when theres needles this is the first Q that pops up)

2. The cost? (is it expensive but worth it? or it is actually going to save you money in the long run?)

3. The effect after it fades (will I need to re done it? and pay the whole amount again after it fades?)

4. What will it look like when I actually become saggy??? (some people say when you get a tattoo it won’t look good when you grow old)

And so I weighed the Pros and Cons for too long and waited until I came across Brow Club SF’s Instagram!

I saw all the before and after photos of girls who did it and I wondered that could be me! I could be that girl who’s finally free from doing so much and buying all kinds of brows stuff just to make mine look even and decent (I can’t make it look perfect ever specially with my oily brows). The struggle is always real when it comes to it! The times lost from getting ready each and every time? Don’t even count the hours! Sometimes, I just want to get ready and tell myself “i just need to fix my brows then go”! But nope, that never happens I always end up fixing everything just to make everything look presentable so I’m gonna be ending up doing full make up (foundation, eye make up etc.). Ugh! I’m done!

I’m done with all this Brows struggle and gifted myself the Microblading Full Package.

Here are the steps:

First thing first. The cost. The package cost $750 it includes your touch up 6-8 weeks out after your initial procedure.

On your first appointment You will meet with Mina. She is the brow expert. She will explain to you about the procedure and work with you on your brow preferences, she will take it to consideration if it suits you or if not? she will meet you in the middle to achieve your dream brows. For me I showed her a photo of what I wanted but since the girl in the photo and I have different face shape, Mina and I both agreed that she will create the right shape for me but will follow what I like which is bold brows!

Then she will take “The cringing before photo of your naked brows”

After the consult, She will start by drawing on to the brows so you’ll be able to see her art vision and you’ll let her know if you like it or you want any adjustments. If everything’s good then she’ll start prepping.

She will then put the topical anesthesia cream on your brows and let it sit for 15 minutes. We chatted a little bit so I was really in to the whole moment and didn’t bother about checking the time but believe me time flies when you’re in her care! she’s such a great company!

Times up! Fun part starts!

Mina will start working on your brows, first you’ll feel like a brushing feeling. like when you’re brushing your brows? then you will kind of feel like a slicing! hahaha just kidding it feels like slicing in a pain free way like when you draw on your brows and your hand is heavy you’re doing it too hard on your skin? thats it. You’ll lose sense of time when you close your eyes and just let her do her thang. Last thing you know its over!

I feel bad, saying over and over to Mina “It’s done??? I was expecting it to be longerrrr” because when I was out of her work place I checked the time and it was actually already 2pm (we started 10:30AM by the way!) and usually her sessions lasts no longer than 2.5 hrs. lol (sorry mina!)

The last part, she will take the “After Photo” of your brows and explain to you a little bit of the after care (she will email it to you too) and it is nothing really hard to do or follow.

She will also email to you about your Touch up session. You have to schedule it in advance. 6-8 weeks out.

Here’s my Brows before and after photo.


Dun dun dun dun!!!!

What you think?

I really love it! I can finally set myself free from doing my brows. I can finally say “I woke up Like thizz” lol. This is going to be so good! since I started vlogging I feel more and more comfortable showing people who I am. Not only photos that don’t move you know? I can now vlog anytime even when I just woke up because I won’t feel as if I look like an ALIEN! LMAO! There are so many Pros than Cons and I want to punch myself for not doing it sooner! I can’t wait for my brows to heal. Fading is expected. Thats why you have another session for touch up!

Thinking of having it done? I say, GO. FOR. IT!

Thank you MINA of Browclubsf YOU THE BEST!



PS. check out my quick vlog at Youtube just type in Emstateofmind TV (well hopefully it shows up coz im not famous YET) ;P

2 Replies to “My First Tattoo!”

  1. Kimiko says:

    Em, your eyebrows on fleek! Congrats on your first ink. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your experience! This is really helpful info. ♥️


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