New: Ipsy

Okay I must admit I am not one to fall for any thing that requires a fee for subscription! It is certainly not recent that I knew about IPSY, I’ve been hearing about it since it’s released.

After so many thoughts and consideration I finally dived in! I signed up for the $10/Monthly subscription and received my very first Ipsy bag in the mail today! Just in time to cheer my sick a** up!

I posted it in my IG story if you want to check it out Here

Since I’m stuck at home and sick I took the chance to get some beauty rest in and mask on! The masks included in my Ipsy Bag are from Lab For You

Whats included in my Ipsy Bag:

1. Lab For you Mask 2 pieces

2. Make up forever brow pen

3. Tony moly serum

4. PIXI by Petra

5. Bang Beauty Eyeshadow quads

and a Ipsy mini pouch!

I can’t wait to receive my next bag already! This is going to be so awesome! If you’re a beauty junkie like many of us subscribing to Ipsy is a great deal! If you find yourself spending more than $10 a month just to try on new stuff or you just simply really spend $10 just like that then this is a good way to spend those beauty moolahs! 😌✨

I’ll be trying all this beauty items and make a review so stay tuned!





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