Big Talk with Em Series

The other day, I ordered this Big talk question card game created by Kalina Silverman when I come across her youtube video it hits me on a deeper level. I thought to myself. I hate small talk! This is so relatable. I should ask this kind of questions to create meaningful connection. Can you imagine asking questions with a stranger and you’ll peel off the layers and walls they built. What you will see? Is something special. You’ll discover how vulnerable every person could become with just one question and that Vulnerability is priceless!

Let’s be real. In this Bvlog Series I want to connect with you in a deeper level. I hope that you can join me by sharing your answer down below to every question in every vlog from my BIG TALK with EM series.

Let’s reach out and save lives. Depression is real. Let’s end it by doing little things that will help save lives of our love ones and other people we can reach out through all social media platforms.

Open up, reach out and create meaningful connections by skipping the small talk and make BIG TALK.

PS. Im not in any way part of their marketing or anything. This is something I personally chose to promote because I believed that we all need to remain authentic to who we are and what we really are without all the social media aesthetic.

I hope you’ll join me by sharing your answer to every question I will post in here and or in my vlog.




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