The meaning behind the username

Hey everyone, today I just want to share my thoughts on Em state of mind being my user name every where (IG, Blog, Youtube). Lately i am 50/50 as to stick with it or use my real name for a more professional approach to everything social media related.

I really do love the fact that I picked this username. First of all, I am the first “EMILY” or any one who have “EM” as their nickname who happened to luckily get dibs on this username in Instagram. The fact that I moved here in San Francisco where the Golden Gate Bridge is located. Hence, the “STATE”. Lastly, “of mind” as to pertain towards my deep thoughts of and in life.

I knew moving to a different country with different culture will not be as easy for me compare to some. Paper works for one are not something we can acquire fast and easy. It requires patience. lots of it. Work at the moment is out of the question, My Husband is my full time job. He need my attention 24/7. (half truth half joke). πŸ˜›

Making friends here isn’t as easy as well. Specially for someone like me who didn’t grew up here. Aside from that, English is not my first language, despite of my capabilities of speaking the language conversantly well, My Filipino accent is not something I can just conceal. I was raised and born in the Philippines for gods sake. What do you expect? πŸ˜€

My thoughts goes deep, deeper beyond the superficial when it comes to meeting people. This is good and bad. Good because I see people in a deeper level and could emphatized with them this is the kind of friendship I would want to have for myself. Bad because I am not good with Small talk, which is what every one seems to be doing so effortlessly. Sometimes I wonder, am I square? I don’t want to think that I am because I am actually pretty crazy (ask my friends from the Philippines) LOL. My husband always remind me try not to scare potential friends away. BEHAVE! LOLOLOL I don’t even know what he meant by that because I am pretty quiet on first few meetings unless you’re someone I can’t be myself with (either I know you will judge me or you a hater) you won’t ever see how crazy and fun i actually am.

In short, Blog post like this is the purpose behind EM STATE OF MIND. I have no filter when I’m blogging, because this is the outlet of my running thoughts and it is solely mine. Also I don’t use extra glamorous words to sound like a genius. I use basic words to form sentences every one on the planet will understand. From Kindergarten to Aliens learning English. LOL

What comes to your mind when you see or heard of my username Emstateofmind?should I keep the handle? Please comment below.


I hope you are well,




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