The Comfort Zone

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a Non Profit event of SF GOODWILL called Summer of love party hosted and organized by Ms. Nerrissa Señores (@msnerriss) of San Jose Creatives. Ms. Nerrissa personally picked and put together outfits that reflects the 1969 era. The event was well organized. Dj Busy B played some lit music to light up everyones mood. There’s popcorn to munch and sparkling sips to quench everyones thirst while thrifting.

This is the second event I decided to go to, my new friend Johanna who invited me last time was also the one who told me about this amazing event (she is just the sweetest). The first time I went to the Influencers night I wasn’t sure if should go but I was glad I did because if didn’t I will not be able to meet her (@johannagalang) and other beautiful girls. This second time around I didn’t hesitate. well kind of. well a little bit. well okay maybe I almost back out again! lol but I figured, I have been connecting with all this bloggers in instagram lately and if I don’t see them in real life now I will still need and want to meet them along the way so why wait… That’s why I didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fun, crazy and friendly but being here in San Francisco kind of tamed me down. It seems like you will only meet new friends here either through school, work, common friends or any organizations you’re part of. My Husbands friends are all busy with kids, family and their other friends. So for 3 years living here permanently I still didn’t meet any potential friends until I started stepping out of my comfort zone.

The worries doesn’t really disappear of course. I still worry thinking what if they won’t like me? what if they find me weird? boring? there are so many what ifs but I always remind myself that the right friends will come. That I don’t need to be someone that I am not just for them to like me. That a genuine friend will see beyond the superficial and will want to connect in a much deeper level. All I have to do is to step out of my comfort zone because living in the comfort zone means living in fear. When we live inside our comfort zone it is because we are playing safe. We are not taking risks, not trying to explore and therefore we avoid changes. Changes isn’t a bad thing. It is the only constant in life. Change is good.

I am happy and thankful that I now try everyday to step out of my comfort zone. Just like this outfit that I put together today. I thought I should style this jacket that I picked up yesterday in SF GOODWILL event. Remember, I am not the conservative type so this outfit shows how stepping out of the comfort zone could look like.


I bought this jacket for less than $10. I liked it because I don’t have anything French/Parisian style jacket yet. Wearing this makes me wanna go to Paris, Sip some tea and eat some Macarons!




Then I wore this Polka dots button up long sleeves inside matched with this pink flowy pleated cullotes and Pink Furry heels that I bought from Charles and Keith. To finish up the look I wore a pearl necklace and a pair of dangling pearl earrings to really exude that French/Parisian style.

Thank you SF GOODWILL and Ms. Nerrissa for having me. I just love attending nonprofit events that gives back to the community. It’s a win win for everyone and I am for that.

As always you can watch my Vlogs at Emstateofmind TV





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