Stylish Backpack a Vlogger Must-Have Now!

Hey guys! so lately I’ve been looking for a backpack to which I can put all my blogging tools without looking unfashionable!

I’ve been eyeing on GRAFEA for quite sometime now but i really did not know why would I want a back pack back then. So since I have to carry so much stuff when Im out vlogging I figured I need a back pack NOW! And Grafea is just the perfect choice because it is Leather! it can carry heavy stuff, it is durable and most of all stylish!

I picked the one from Hari II collection and mine is called “WILLOW” it is in Taupe color which I like, because it can go with just about anything!

I received my bag today and I am so over the moon! I love it so much I am definitely obsessed! I think I want all colors now! haha


If you want to see actual footage of the back pack check it out in my Youtube Channel Emstateofmind TV I also included a quick review of the Instyle Cosmo. Please make sure to at least like the vid if you don’t want to subscribe. NO pressure. 🙂

Thank you so much for being here guys! Love you all!



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