Instyle Cosmo (Yay or Nay)

Hey Guys, So recently I have been upping up my Instagram posts and received few offers to become their brand ambassador. One of those is the Instyle Cosmo. So I checked them out, go through their website and make sure it is a legit brand. I picked two accessories (earrings and choker) and placed an order last June 25. Today July 23 I just received my order.

To my surprise I only received one. I wonder why I only got one? I figured maybe they Made two different shipment. About the choker, I love it! it looks edgy and fierce.

Over all I can’t say yet if being an Ambassador for Instyle Cosmo is worth it. I still have to wait if I will receive the earrings I ordered until then I will hold off any negative review about them and leave this positive one out here.



if you’re interested. Here’s 30% off your  order, use code PRO30




4 Replies to “Instyle Cosmo (Yay or Nay)”

  1. Hud says:

    Hey.. lovely post. I was wondering if you had to buy the stuff or they sent it to you for PR?


    • For Instyle Cosmo you don’t pay for the items but pay for shipping. There a lot of small brands offering an ambassador program but only give discount. So I don’t think I will entertain anymore of this kind.


  2. Kayla says:

    Hi Em!
    Thanks for the review. 🙂 Was a little iffy about this company at first, but the choker is lovely. Do you get any incentives if we use your discount code?


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