New Happy Day

Today we went around the Golden Gate Bridge to take some photos and video clips. My sister suggested this to me the other day so we did it.

I’ve been very preoccupied learning the Premier Pro for video editing lately and I can see improvements every time I will create contents for my Youtube Channel. One more important consideration for an awesome vlog is to learn how to handle the camera (shaky hands need to be tamed) lol and of course the visuals, your imagination what and how do you want the video to affect the viewers. Ahhhh there’s so much to learn and explore and I’m excited for all the challenges.

If you are wondering why I do this, it’s simply because it has been my passion. I love to create. I love to explore my creativity. Doing something creative makes me who I am and keeps me sane no matter how crappy it comes out to be. Creating a Youtube channel is one. Some people think of it like a shortcut to being famous. nope it’s wrong, well maybe for some people it is the objective but for me it is the work that goes with it. The part of taking vids and photos, telling stories, editing the video ALL. OF. IT and of course lastly I want to share a piece of my life to my viewers most specially my Family and Friends. As you all know, I moved here in the US 3 years ago. as much as I would like to update them everyday of how am I doing or what I’m doing its just not that easy. So by creating vids showing bits and pieces of my day I will be able to kind of bring them with me (they are on the other side of the camera).

I hope you’ll visit my channel and click the like button at least. It will make my day. 🙂

emstateofmind TV

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