Stay fit by doing this one move!

Hey Guys, Since i’m just home watching relevant tips for starting and creating a YouTube channel and before I go back to learning the video editing using premier pro I would just like to share with you guys one simple exercise that can keep your core tight and strong.

I am in no way a fitness professional but this is what I have learned from working out with Fitness trainers before. Our core  plays a very important role in our everyday life. When you lift stuff you use your core. When you just simply stand up you use your core to support your posture and your body and so much more.

Now I understand that not all of us have the motivation and discipline to workout everyday but if you just start small by doing a plank everyday then you’re going to build your strength over time. I suggest start with a 30sec plank every day for 3 days, then do 1 minute and eventually reach at least 3 minutes a day. This is what I do eversince I stopped working out regularly I make sure I plank 3 minutes everyday (but sometimes I don’t) but the good thing is you can just go back at it again when you missed some days! Also it only requires not more than 5 minutes of your day so there’s really no excuse!

I used to lift weight 2 years ago and although I am lucky to have a naturally slim physic (thank you mom) it doesn’t mean I am fit! You can be slim but still have flabby arms, thunder thighs and belly. By strengthening your core you are also helping shed those flabs as time goes by, of course the diet plays a major role too but that’s a different topic for next time.

If you are interested, check out the 3 minute plank work out by Bow flex in YouTube!


Do it everyday and see results!

You’re welcome!



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