Mixed SF (Influencers Night)

Hey Guys, I finally uploaded my first vlog in youtube. It isn’t the best video but I figured when will I ever be ready? and if I nit picked every little thing then I will not be able to share anything! So I finally jumped.

Last Friday I got invited to Mixed SF’s Influencers night event. It was hosted by Boba Guys and Mixed SF. There were free drinks and fun people. I got to meet new amazing beautiful ladies and I was really glad I went. I was so close from backing out that night because I was just really tired and sleepy (learning all things Vlogs editing) but my Hubs pushed me and encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and go. I’m thankful that I listened to him because I get to meet people who are also as passionate and creative like am.

I wasn’t able to take photos because we came in late, I took some videos but not so much as I am still a little too shy, hopefully I get to get over my shyness and just really go all out (of course only if permitted) but for now I will try my best to get used to seeing myself in videos, watching myself talk and talk to the camera like never before!

Please do visit my YT channel I am planning on uploading daily vlogs to show and share how people like me who came from another country survive, start over and live the American life.




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