West Of Pecos

Thanks God it’s saturday and I am loving the warmer days in the city! I heard there’s a heatwave going on but I don’t really mind because I’m used to hot weather! In fact I thrived in hot weather than in cold.

When it’s warm like today it’s always a great idea to spend the day outside and enjoy it! So we head out to mission to get our late lunch. There are so many restaurants in Mission and Valencia you just have to decide which one fits your mood or your cravings! For us it’s the restaurant called West of Pecos!

We sat outside the restaurant where there is a fire place. We really didn’t mind because SF weather is so bipolar! Temperature can just drop one minute it’s warm next minute it’s cold again!

The ambiance of the restaurant has that southwestern vibe to it! They serve American (traditional), Tex-Mex food and drinks! Since it’s our first time we checked yelp for picture references of their food in the menu. We ordered the 3 pcs. Fish tacos, buttermilk chicken with mash potato, corn and greens on the sides and of course my favorite Mexican drink called Michellada!



I was surprised when I see my tacos, the fish is huge! Compare to other mexican restaurant this is the first time I see such generous serving of fish tacos! Even the buttermilk chicken! usually you only get two pieces of chicken (at least here in SF) but I mean with the price we paid? There is definitely more for your bucks! Not to mention the friendly staff! And for the Michellada they serve it with modelo beer I really don’t mind if it is modelo or tecate but I am curious of the green Michellada! Something to look forward to.

All in all, we were so full, satisfied and happy! We will definitely go back!

I hope you are all having a great weekend!




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