Freedom ring!

Happy 4th of July America!

I’ve been living permanently here in US for 3 years now, although I still go back to the Philippines once a year I already embraced my life here with my new family, so I guess I can celebrate it just like any other Americans do. Besides, I am married to one.

4th of July is America’s Independence Day where most people are off from work and school so they can celebrate with Family and friends. For us, We used to celebrate it with our friends except last year when we were in the Philippines (to support my deceased father who at that time was going through the battle of cancer).

This year, since everyone is celebrating it with their other set of fam and/or friends we tried to keep it simple and just do it our own simple way! The “Just the two of us” way.

My hubs and I decided to do dinner and drinks. We went to Capo’s in China town for deep dish pizza and a pint of white sangria! The Pizza was really yummy! I only ate one slice because a piece is already heavy enough to fill you up! The hubs ate two and we still have 3 more slices to take home with us.



After the dinner we head off to Tonga room located inside the Fairmont Hotel. We always wanted to check it out so we figured this is the best day to go visit the place!

As you enter the Tonga room you’ll see the swimming pool in the middle. They have the sound effects of rain, thunder and the lightning (lightning and the thunder! Thunder! Haha)  It feels as if you are in a Hawaiian jungle! Oh and if you happen to dive in to the pool you’ll have to pay a fee of $1000 if I remember correctly! So try not to get too wild or drunk!


Fairmont Hotel


Cocktails in Tonga room.

We ordered some drinks to complete the experience. I got the kong and hubs got the mai tai! I love my cocktail of choice but hubz didn’t  like his maitai so I mixed it up with mine. It still taste good tho so I didn’t mind finishing up both drinks! After drinking cocktails in Tonga room, we were supposed to watch the fireworks but we decided to just go to lucky chances in San Bruno to play poker instead (Gotta earn some extra cash to support my online shopping habit! lol).

To all my American followers, How did you celebrate 4th of July? I hope you guys had fun!

Have a great week ahead! I hope you guys can check out my new you tube channel! I’m still new to Vlogging but hopefully i’ll Improve with time! 😘 check out the short clip of our 4th of July.  🙏🏻

youtube channel: Emstateofmind



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