Have you ever been lied to? For sure the answer is yes!

Have you ever been scammed or conned? This post is just about that “Scam”. Let me start by answering my own question. No and yes! No I never fall in to a scam at least not yet! (Thanks god for my intuition). Yes in a way because of the people close to my heart being scammed and conned. Why this still happened to them considering me being around? Well, I could only do and say so much! It is still them who are making their own choices in life. Sad to say It’s out of my control if they don’t want to listen and believe me!

Lately, There has been some online brands/companies reaching out to me to become a brand ambassador / affiliate and this conpanies will try to tell you good things about being a part of their program like for example, growing your followers, being invited to their exclusive parties and giving you 20% off their products. In exchange of you buying from them and posting a photo wearing it! Excuse me? 20% off??? As a brand ambassador? It should be FREE!

Then There’s another one giving you 50% off but the quality of their products could be compared to a cheaper one in the market in reality you are still going to pay higher than it normally cost. There’s another one giving a 100% off only pay for shipping but when you checked out the shipping cost more than the actual item you’re trying to buy! LOL

Who are this people kidding!? Really? I can get 20-30% off easy, buying from other brands and if I like what I bought I will post a photo without being an ambassador if they like my photo I can easily get featured in their Instagram! No pressure needed and I am not conned in to buying any thing I don’t like!

I hate scammers of any kind! I know right away when I see one! I can smell trouble from afar! My radar is very well capable of detecting lies! It is a gift and a curse at the same time!

I don’t tolerate this kind of behavior! Blood related or not I would never allow it! I wouldn’t want it near my love ones either! I get so stressed when I know one or any of my love ones is falling so blindly for it!

How do you deal with this kind of people? Do you have exemptions as to who can do this to you?

We all should have our own limitations and lines need to be drawn! I hope you train yourself to see red flags when it presented itself. Hone your intuition. Follow your gut! And if all else fails? It’s not going to hurt to seek other people’s help to give you their insights!

“Never trust a person that tries to sell you by how righteous they are. I’m telling you right now, it’s a scam”.





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