Classy 30

It is true when they say that when you reached your 30s the way you dress up should somehow reflect the maturity you are becoming. That’s exactly what’s been happening to me this year.

I finally started ditching the wild child 20s look to something more classy and sophisticated but of course I still always incorporate “sexy” (but not trashy) with my new 30s style.

One of the look I love is having the best of both worlds which is “comfortable but ready-for-what-ever-comes” outfit.

A good example is the Floral Trouser I am wearing in the pictures below paired with just a plain black fitted shirt and a black single strap heels. Without wearing the black blazer, the outfit exudes comfort style and sophistication. With the black blazer on, then you easily switch up your look to a classy “Ready to fine dine” style.



Trouser (Zara), Heels and top (forever 21), Blazer (Stradivarius), Aviator Sunglasses (RayBan)

Would you wear this look?



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