Girls Bestfriend


This post isn’t necessarily about a person but a dress! I know most girls will say shoes are their best friends or purse or accessories but for me it’s the dresses!

Now before you judge me, here are some of the reasons why:

1. When you’re too lazy or out of ideas on how to put two pieces together (like your bottoms and tops) but with dresses? You can just wear it and go!

2. You can either dress it down by just wearing flats or dress it up by wearing heels! Oh And you can throw in any jackets too!

3. It’s more comfortable than wearing tight skinny jeans! That makes you feel fat specially when sitting down!

4. You don’t have to worry about eating and drinking! No one will notice the post meal food baby! You still look cute!

5. It eats little space in your closet as you can just hang all of them no need to fold and put in pull out drawers which could get messy most of the times specially when you’re trying to dig in there for your clothes!

It’s already summer but our weather is unpredictable as always. It still feels chilly most of the time but that’s why you always have to bring your jacket. You never know whens the temperature would drop!

I hope you have a great week!






2 Replies to “Girls Bestfriend”

  1. This is a very precise yet informative blog ! Really love it. 💋😍 Dresses are my bestfriends too ❤ love my Maxi’s


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