Love + Style

I’ve been searching for some pretty and trendy layered necklaces for quite some time now. So when I found Lovestylize on Instagram ads I checked it out and made sure it is a legit company to buy from.

I know how important it is for online shoppers like myself to know about safety when buying online, so please always do your research first.

I ordered just one item to test it out (I know, I have trust issues). I bought the Gold chain and coin necklace out of so many nice items in their online store and I did not regret it. After placing my order I received a confirmation in my email and my order arrived in just 3 days!

And here’s what it looks like.



I really love their necklaces and I am really glad I found Lovestylize! The pricing is right and the quality is good! Now I don’t need to look further. I can’t wait to buy my next piece!

what do you think of this necklace? Where do you buy layered necklaces like this one? Suggestions are welcome!

Check out Love Stylize for awesome and affordable Layered Necklaces!





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