Green Bamboo


When I first moved in San Francisco 2 years ago I didn’t know how I will place myself in the city. Getting to know SF was my main priority so I can adjust accordingly. I am fortunate to have my husband to drive me around and make it easier for me to get around but the downside is me not knowing how to take the bus! well I do know how to go to two places (downtown and stones town mall) but thanks to Uber I can go anywhere I want now if needed to.

I need to get to know the city so I explored it through going to places where it’s good to eat and also to drink (happy hour and taco Tuesday specials)! I became a part time foodie eversince I came here! I know good places for food and drinks even a local don’t know of! From time to time, my husband will thank me for taking him and discovering places he himself haven’t even been to! I guess it’s true that there is always a first time for every one and I am glad I get to introduce new places to him!

When it’s Sunday we either cook at home or go out to eat or both! We were on our way to do some groceries but I wanted to try a place for a good cup of joe only we didn’t end up with the coffee we found Green Bamboo instead!

Green Bamboo is a small Asian Fusion restaurant in Noriega. They serve so many variation of noodles, rice plates, dim sum and what not!

For me I had the Laksa (vermicelli, combo) with shrimp, pork, liver, quail eggs, chicken, tofu and fish balls. Hubz ordered a beef balls rice soup (congee) and rice rolls BBQ pork.


Green Bamboo interiors showing all their food in the menu!


Singapore Laksa combination!


Beef Balls Rice soup with extra side of sweet bread!


Rice rolls BBQ pork!


Everything’s yummy

Overall we enjoyed our food in Green Bamboo! The Laksa taste authentic! The rice roll was perfect and the rice soup? well my hubz wasn’t able to finished it because I shared my Laksa with him! 😄

Are you also a foodie? Let’s connect on Instagram! Follow me in my foodie account @theweekendfoodie and I’ll follow back DM me if you saw this blog so I know where you found me.


Bon Appetit!


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