Kryolan Make up Line


Yesterday, I was with my sister just shopping completing our Christmas gifts list. While walking in the mall, We found ourselves inside Kryolan store looking for “we don’t know what”. We were just looking around and kind of getting ourselves overwhelmed with their products. I went to Make Up School before so i know about Kryolan and heard a lot of good things about the brand. Kryolan is mainly used for cinema, photo shoots, tv and stage for make up. Despite of knowing how good it is I never really get to try it out!

So I thought of introducing it to myself little by little one product at a time (to avoid regretting and wasting money) I remember that I actually need a Face powder ( a simple powder that just blot away oil and shine) I have one from the Fenty line but I am not really satisfied with it so I finally gave the kryolan a try!

I bought the Kryolan Anti-Shine powder and get to test it out right away. I used a powder brush and just pressed it into my skin. I was surprised how the shine on my face instantly disappear without leaving a white cast. My face stayed matte for a good hour or so. I wasn’t  able to test it out longer because once I get home (within 2 hrs of applying it) i already wash my face! Today I will put it in to test! I will be going out for a Christmas Party get together with friends and we’ll see how long it’ll hold up!

I hope this works because if it does I will be changing Make up brands for sure!

Merry Christmas!

from my sister and I. 🎄




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