La Mer first impression plus 2 weeks update!


I’ve been wanting to try La Mer products for quite some time now, Specifically the lifting eye serum! I have also been reading reviews of each products specially the most coveted cream called The moisturizing cream by La Mer.

I have tried so many eye creams/serum but I don’t really know and see any difference? I am not sure if it’s because I am still considerably young to see it (early 30s and asian) I have no wrinkles whatsoever but I have always has this fine lines ever since I was young that tends to be more noticeable when I am tired. I could probably safe to say it’s genetics. 🙄

I started using eye cream on and off when I reached my mid 20s but only when I turned 30 I began to religiously apply anything that will prevent my skin from aging. I love my Mario Badescu and Paula’s Choice skin care products those two helped me with my break outs! But now that my skin is changing again I know I need to incorporate new ones that will not only helped me with dryness but will also help heal my skin. So when I heard about La Mer’s moisturizing cream and how powerful it is I went to Nordstrom to asked for a sample so I could try it before I splurge (They don’t usually give samples of this products) the beauty expert behind La Mer was nice enough to give me a teeny tiny tub of the moisturizing cream. So I’m using this for a week now (little goes along way)! I stopped using the Chanel hydrabeauty Micro Serum to give this a try. The thing is i don’t see any effect on the dryness around my eyes, nose and around the lips but it also might be because i’m Only one week out from using it, products need 2 weeks to a month to take effect.

So today I have decided i am ready to invest and try the La Mer The lifting eye serum and the moisturizing soft cream, I am in desperate need to find an eye cream/serum because we only have 2 days left before we leave for Manila. I wanted to make sure I have one and won’t run out while I am away. This is also the best time to try and test these products! with all the awaiting festivities I am for sure I will get less sleep!

By the way,I got free gift with my purchase. It includes two small purse the other one is stylish and the green one that has a “La Mer” print in which contains the following; The Lifting and Firming Mask, The renewal oil, the moisturizing cream and the eye concentrate. As an added bonus the La Mer lady gave me 2 tiny container of the Moisturizing lotion.

I should have an update after a week! Crossing my fingers on this one! 🤞🏻




PS. This post may not be in good composition as my body and brain are too tired from all the errands, cleaning, organizing, decorating and moving stuff around the house! 🤯 It is not functioning %100. 🤪


1st week update: There was nothing really much to see but I can feel my eye Area getting slightly firmer compare to before when I was still using other eye creams/serums! The Moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated but sometimes it feels too much. Specially now that I am in a hot weather! So I kinda use it sparingly.

2nd week update: I have been using the free sample of the renewal oil and I love it. Also the lifting and firming mask it gives me that glow and fresh looking face in the morning when I wake up! But if you are using it along with the moisturizer it could get too greasy feeling under your make up! I suggest just use the moisturizer at night and use ordinary cream at day time when you are planning to apply your foundation on top. My eyes are inconsistent. Some days it looks refreshed and firmer some not. So I don’t really have final verdict.

For now I could say, Although I think La Mer is good for my skin I have yet to find out if the price tag is really worth it. Stay tuned.




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