I’ll be home for Christmas!

An update regarding my green card paperwork for removal of conditions. Usually when you file the I-751 application form in 3 days you will received a noticed from USCIS indicating that they have received your application, they cashed your check (fee for filing and biometrics) and it also serves as a 1 year extension of your expired green card which means you are safe and legal staying in the US while awaiting for approval for 10 year’s green card also you can travel without a problem.

By the time you filed your papers, within the month (30 days) you should expect a mail stating your biometrics appointment date and time. Usually this noticed is 2-3 weeks advance before your appointment (I guess so you can prepare for it) but unfortunately for us after 30 days we did not received any and i am growing impatient and worried because we need to plan our trip! I want to be able to be in the Philippines before my Dad’s birthday which is Christmas Eve! So I did some research (as i always do) and discovered that some people are not required to go to biometrics (and yes no refund either). The USCIS don’t even bother giving you notice about it unless you’ll call them and ask for update! And by call means callsss and try more than thrice! That we did. It took us a week of waiting after our first call to finally talked to a Tier 2 (immigration officer, a more knowledgeable officer in USCIS or at least that’s what they say) but same BS! No definite answer as to am I required still to go for a biometrics or I’m waiting for nothing! All he did was tell us to wait and if we can’t wait due to some cirscumstances then we need to have someone we can trust to look for our mail so we can reschedule my appointment while I am away. Ugh! It is freaking hard enough waiting and waiting the emotional and mental torture is not fair for people like us who are already struggling adjusting). Part of me wants to stay and wait of course because it is important to me too! But do I risk not spending my Dads Birthday and the Holidays with him knowing he is not in his optimal health? What if this is his last birthday, Christmas and New Years????

Having a love one who has stage 4 cancer may not sound so serious to those who do not have any of their love ones suffer or die from it! I know Because I used to be one too! Truly You will only understand something when you go through the same experience as those who did!

My dad has been my support system from the moment I was born till I grow up! He taught me that life’s real meaning is “Happiness”. Whenever I am doing and living my own life he never questioned me! He used to always ask me “Are you Happy?” Because as long as I am happy then he is Happy! Simple as that. I guess that’s also how much he trust me with my decisions in life.

So yes! we booked our tickets flying out to the Philippines next week! I wouldn’t want to miss this for the world! Nothing can stop me now!

I’ll be home for Christmas!




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