Happy Holidays


Last Night me and the Hubz went out for dinner, we love to enjoy and celebrate the simple things such as “Last day of the month ringing in the first day of December”. Yup that’s how simple we are. Silly if you will. After having love ones being sick we really never know until when are we going to be here, breathing. We have learned how to enjoy whatever we have now or we will never really get to enjoy it when we grow so old! That is also why having date nights is a must for all married couple. It makes life a little bit sweeter that way!

I would gladly put a photo of us two in my blog but I don’t think it’s wise to do so! My hubz although very supportive of what I love to do he is not the kind of person who post pictures in social media. 😉 but here’s mine with this simple outfit. It’s really cold now here in San Francisco but a girls got to do what she got to do does she?) 🙂 dressing up is my thang! I could create any celebration in mind just to have an excuse to doll and dress up! Lol too bad my life style here in the US is not the same as the one I have back in the Philippines! But that’s okay at least I get to enjoy dressing up once in awhile (Heck this is not even “dress up” for me). 🙂

Since it’s the first day of December I could safely say it’s officially A Happy Holidays! I can’t wait to attend Christmas parties and gatherings with Friends and Families! I may not be sure where am I going to be this Holidays but I for sure will enjoy it to the best I can and I am hoping you all do too!

Happy Holidays everyone!

xo 💋


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