Thank yous


Thanks giving is around the corner once again. What are your plans this year? And What are you thankful for?

This year is both good and bad for me. My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and i am caught in between both worlds at the moment. Waiting for immigration notices and appoinments make it even harder in times like this. I really want to go home and spend my dads birthday (which is christmas eve) and the Holiday season with him and my family back home. We already sent our application to remove conditions in my green card, received a 1 year extension of it but now awaiting for my biometrics appointment. (You have to wait for your biometrics taken before you can freely travel). It’s been a month and we have not heard or receive any from uscis. Day by day i am feeling worried that it wont come on time and i won’t be able to go see my dad for his Bday/Christmas. 😦

On the bright side of things, i am Thankful for my Family here. They’ve been accepting and understanding of my situation and i am grateful for that. Finances are getting better and our health is in very good shape.

I am Thankful for my Family back home! They never expected me to be responsible for any thing but my happiness! I am most specially thankful for my eldest sister because she’s been the only person who’s been taking good care of my dad, Taking him to his chemotheraphy, making sure he is doing okay everyday, monitoring his diet and all. She even run our own errands when we need her to because we are here in the states. She’s been the strong pillar for all of us! Our very own wonderwoman. I am beyond grateful for all that she do. 🙏


There are so many things to be thankful for despite of the sad news and that’s why i can’t really complain. Staying positive all the time is never easy but it is doable just as long as you know how to count your blessings! Some might say it’s easier said than done and i agreed with that but you have to look around you, some people doesn’t even have a roof on top of their heads, nothing to eat and have nothing even just a dollar in their pocket! Some people are dying everyday and would give anything just to have one more day to live.

With that said let us be thankful for life, for the air we are breathing, for all the people we love and Let us be thankful for what we have.

Xo 💋



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