Just a quick review of YSL All Hours Foundation.

Last time i gave my honest opinion and experience using the Fenty Foundation and as ya’ll know i did not like it! I was looking for the box and receipt so i can return it to sephora but i couldn’t find it so i guess i will just have to give it to a friend who match the shade i bought.

Moving forward, i went back to Sephora to purchase the YSL All Hours Foundation! I’ve been eyeing on this one for sometime now, every time i go there i swatch the shades in my jaw line just so i wont make any mistakes this time around (always a dilema for some of us). I found a very close shade that match my skin tone it is not a perfect match but since i am more on a Neutral tone the shade i got i say is safe enough to wear. Mine is the Sand in Neutral. I love this foundation because it’s good for oily skin and it blends well. The coverage is medium to full and it stays all dayyy! I think i could go lighter shade though because it oxidize a bit.

If you are looking for a foundation that is great for oily skin, stays on and has medium to full coverage this is worth to try! The only cons is that they don’t have a lot of shades to choose from so if you find your shade in YSL All Hours Foundation then lucky you! 👍🏼

What foundation should i try next?

1. Marc Jacobs

2. Chanel

3. Lamer

4. Lorac

5. Bobby Brown

Any suggestions?


xo 💋


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