Monday night thoughts!

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When i first saw the Golden Gate Bridge in my fave tv series “Charmed” immediately i fell in love and Found myself dreaming about seeing the Golden Gate Bridge up close! I felt a connection where as i felt i’ve been there before or i believe i belong there! And it happened. I see it now every day, any time i want to see it! Not in the movies, not in the tv!

I remember having a white american boss from Carolina (my first job) as her executive assistant. We’re part of the business development of a BPO Company in the Philippines. Being in a BPO you are required to speak fluent conversational english. Thanks God for my Father who introduced us to English Movies, i grew up having interest of the language. It pays off too when i acquired the job in the BPO and fell in to a job position where the boss is a white slang wonderful woman!(gahd i miss her) she was the one who see my potential and told me i could live in the states!

I never really understood why i had to experienced such a not-so-average (at least for an ordinary 21 yr old filipina) life  until i met my then boyfriend and now husband. I put the puzzle together! That’s what i’m good at. I realized that all those experiences and lessons taught me, trained me to see where my life is heading.

There are a lot more pieces in the puzzle that makes perfect sense it explains why i am where i’m at right now and why i needed to go through what i have gone through.

Having a vision and being gifted with intuition both play such a big role in your life time! Listen to it and Trust it. It will guide you. 💙💛




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