Skin Saver!



Moving to another country can do changes to your skin. It can turn your skin from oily to dry, dry to oily or any other possible combinations you can think of.

I have naturally oily skin. When i first came here in the US my skin suffered due to the weather changes. I used to break out around the jaw and chin area but i successfully managed that by using benzoyl peroxide (it helps dry out oily face) to prevent bacteria from spreading in your skin while you are asleep. With continous use my skin got clearer!

Traveling also can cause your skin to react. When i was in the Philippines 2 months ago my skin was back to being oily due to hot weather! Usually the good ol’ BP (benzoyl peroxide) will help control the oil but this time around my face reacted differently. It got too dry and it was peeling but oily all at the same time! I thought maybe it will go away once i am back here in the US. But it didn’t, so i stopped using BP for a while.

My skin still continue to look dry around the eyes and nose it makes my make up look cakey thus making me look older! Ugh! When i was at Macy’s i asked the beauty consultant of Chanel which product is best for my skin issue. She recommended the Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum! Desperate to have a solution i bought it without knowing if it will really work for my already oily skin! I am so glad i did! I am so happy that i invested my money with the right product! I now have no more troubles with dry skin under my eyes and nose! Finally my foundation doesn’t cling on those areas anymore!

I still don’t have the clearest, minimal pores looking skin (well i dont go to derma that’s why it’s hard for me to achieve such) but at least i can finally cross out this dry and dull looking skin problem.

Any recommendation for the best skin tightening creams and serum?



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