Fenty by Riri


Whether we admit it or not we always tend to fall for new trends specially if it’s created by someone we like (celebs, artists, designers etc.).

When Fenty came out, I thought wow so many good reviews on Riri’s new make up line why not give it a try! So I bought one from Sephora and its the #180 warm shade.

I wasn’t born with a nice poreless skin so I’ve been in search for a good foundation that will help control shine and oiliness but at the same time wont make me look cakey specially on the dry areas. I have tried different brands from Lancome, Estee Lauder, Make Up Forever, Dior to name a few and so far Estee Lauder has been my go-to foundation. I bought the Foundation from the Fenty line hoping it could be my other or new go-to foundation.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons. Do take note that before i decided to write this review i gave this product a chance at least thrice using different brushes and even adjusting my pre make up routine (skincare, primers etc.)


1. The foundation just can’t stay in my skin without budging (not long wearing).

2. It doesn’t blend in to my pores even with a primer (it only sits on top)

3. Cling on to dry skin making your make up look flakey and cakey.



1. It has wide range of shades for different skin types and colors.

2. Kind of Velvet feel (if you have flawless skin to start with then this is for you).

3. Price range is average.

It’s safe to say that if i want to look my best i will stick to 1. Estee Lauder 2. Lancome and 3. Dior. I will use this foundation for ordinary days just so it wont be a waste! But i am hoping it’ll grow on me!


Disclaimer: This is just my own opinion and experience with the product i have no intention whatsover to give bad reviews. Others may disagreed.

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