Welcome to my blog!

Thank you for dropping by. Let me welcome you to my blog with a simple background and introduction.

My name is Emily, people call me “EM” hence the domain name. I am not a professional blogger/writer but I am no newbie in this blog world, i’ve started blogging on and off 7 years ago up until my first year here in the US (2015). My blog packages expired that year and i just let it go just how i let go of my life in the Philippines.

I am currently living permanently in the US for 2 years now. Why blog again after so many attempts in the past? One night i was alone in bed and the thought of creating a blog hits me. I thought why not create a page where i can share my life as an immigrant here in the US. I found out how most people have little or no idea how it is like to be one and i am hoping this blog could help shed some light or not!

I would also like to use this opportunity to share some photos of food, places, beauty, fashion, Arts and what not. I hope you’ll see something that you’d like and come back for more.




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