Ready to Fall


WoodsTea Garden

One of the first few things to consider when moving in to a new country is your wardrobe. I came from a Tropical country and most of the time we wear “summer” type of clothing all year round to let our skin breathe and to not sweat our pits off. I may have some clothes for cold weather because i travel to cold countries but those were not enough when i moved here. My first year here was a total fashion identity struggle for me. I was not ready to give up my “flesh showing” clothes for yoga pants, sweats and puffy jackets!

The second year became more easier. Thanks to Instagram! I get inspirations from fashion bloggers who also live in the same state! I realized i can still be myself and wear my dresses without getting my skinny ass freeze to death. Jackets and Over the knee boots are going to be your new BFFs.

I am still struggling to come up with outfits that goes with the season from time to time, and although fall is not my favorite season i think i am ready to fall for fall. πŸ‚πŸ

What is your favorite season?



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