Hazel and White


Today Monday my order from Gemini Contacts finally arrived. Just in time for the busy week ahead because also tonight friends from the Philippines are coming in, we will be busy with traveling and the last thing i should worry about is my blurry eyesight!

I prefer colored contact lenses because clear ones are too easy to forget that it is there! As we all know It’s a big NO to sleep with your contact lenses on! With colored contact lens i always remember i am wearing one because at the end of the day no matter how tired i am or how much i had to drink one night, once i go to the the bathroom sink and see myself in the mirror i will see it and immediately take it out before i wash my face.

I ordered mines at http://www.geminicontacts.com i got the “The Hazel” and “The White”. I can’t wait to wear em’.




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